PalletXpress Road Freight Services - Handy Hints

Road Freight Transit Times:

When quoting your pallet transport on our pallet quotations page, please make sure you allow enough time between the booking of your consignment and your expected delivery date. Depending on the pickup location, we usually require 24hrs notice for pickups within metropolitan areas and up to 48 hrs notice for pickups out of metropolitan areas. Please see road freight delivery times for further information.

Contact: When quoting and booking your road freight transport services with PalletXpress it is advisable to nominate one person at either end as the main contacts with our office. This can help to ensure that timely information is communicated to the right person, especially if there are several people involved. Our staff have instant access to your records and any staff member can be at your assistance when required.

Pickup & Delivery: Please ensure you have forklifts at pickup and delivery, and that the truck can easily access your site. Due to the driver's schedule, delays at pickup or delivery may incur additional charges. Please see our conditions of carriage for further information.
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